SAP01: Fundamentals - Unit 01: Introduction

Friday, May 3, 2013


1.    SAP is a solutions company.
a.   True.
b.  False.

2.    Which of the following is a solution?
a.    mySAP CRM.
b.    mySAP ERP Financials.
c.     SAP BW.
d.    mySAP SCM.

3.    mySAP solution platforms are open and flexible.
a.    True.
b.    False.

4.    List at least three cross-industry or industry solutions.
-       Chemicals.                                                -     Publi Sector.
-       Healthcare.                                              -     Retail.
-       Mining.                                                      -     Banking.
-       Logistics Service Providers.               -     Automotive.
-       Oil and Gas.

5.    All of the mySAP solutions are role-based.
a.    True.
b.    False.

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