SAP01: Fundamentals - Unit 02: Navigation

Friday, May 3, 2013


1.         You can only have one SAP system session open at a time.
a.    True.
b.    False.

2.         Which of the following is not part of the information required to log on to the SAP system?
a.    Enter a specific client number.
b.    Enter your user ID.
c.     Enter your password.
d.    Customize your setting.

3.         What menus are standard on all SAP screens?
a.    System.
b.    Help.
c.     Both A and B.
d.    None of the above.

4.         Which of the following provided general information on the SAP system and transaction or task on which you are working?
a.    Status bar.
b.    Menu path.
c.     Role bar.
d.    None of the above.

5.         In the SAP Easy Access menu, you can create a favorites list containing:
a.    Web addresses.
b.    Transactions.
c.     Links to files.
d.    All of the above.

6.         Select all of the following entries that are valid in the command field. If you are uncertain, try them on the system before you select the correct answers.
a.    /nend
b.    /nex
c.     ?sm04
d.    /nsm04
e.    sm04

7.         You are about to use a transactions that you have never used before, and you have already navigated to the transactions. You would like to learn more about the transaction and see the procedure for completing it. Which of the following forms of help would provide the information for which you are looking in the most efficient manner possible?
a.    F1
b.    F4
c.     Application help.
d.    SAP Library.
e.    Glossary.
f.     Release Notes.

8.         List and describe three different types of online help that are available in the SAP system.
-       Application help: application help displays comprehensive help for the current application. Selecting this menu option in the initial screen displays help on getting started with SAP.
-       SAP Library: All online documentation can be found here.
-       SAPNet: This enables you to log on to SAPNet.
-       Glossary: You can search for definitions of terms glossary.
-       Release Notes: This displays notes that describe functional changes that occur between SAP system releases.
-       SAP Service Marketplace: This enables you to log on to the SAP Service Marketplace.
-       Feedback: Feedback enables you to send a message to the SAPNet front end, the SAP service system.
-       Settings: Settings enable you to select settings for help.

9.         You would like to preset a value for a field that you have to enter frequently. To do this, you need the parameter ID. Which help function will you use to locate the parameter ID when you are on the field?
a.    F1.
b.    F4.
c.     System help.
d.    F11.
e.    Application help.

10.     Application help, which is available through the Help menu, is context-sensitive. This means that it will link you directly to the help for wharever application area of the system in which you are currently working.
a.    True.
b.    False.

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