SAP01: Fundamentals - Unit 04: Logistics (a)

Friday, May 3, 2013


1.         What is the highest organizational unit?
a.       Company Code.
b.      Client.
c.       Storage Location.
d.      Plant.
e.      Purchasing Organization.

2.         A Purchasing Organization is the organizational unit responsible for negotiating pricing conditions with your suppliers.
a.       True.
b.      False.

3.         What types of master records can be used during the procurement process?
a.       Material Master.
b.      Vendor Master.
c.       Puchasing Information Record.
d.      Service Master.
e.      All of the above.

4.         Which of the following department views may be part of a material master record?
a.       Accounting.
b.      Purchasing.
c.       MRP.
d.      Sales.
e.      All of the above.

5.         A single material master record will be created even if more than one department uses this item.
a.       True.
b.      False.

6.         Which of the following are integration points with the Material Management module?
a.       Dynamic availability checking during sales order entry (SD).
b.      Staging of material components for production order (PP).
c.       Update to GL account for direct consumption upon goods’ receipt entry (CO).
d.      Notification of payment due sent to Accounts Payable upon good’s receipt entry (FI).
e.      None of the above.
f.        All of the above.

7.         What is the basic procurement process in SAP Material Management?
a.       Inquiry, sales order, purchase order, delivery.
b.      Purchase requisition, purchase order, good’s receipt, invoice receipt.
c.       Sales order, production order, puchase order.
d.      Goods receipt, puchase order, invoice receipt, vendor master.

8.         From which master data can information default into a purchase order?
a.       Material Master.
b.      Customer Master.
c.       Purchase Requisition.
d.      Vendor Master.
e.      A&D.
f.        A&C&D.

9.         You can create a purchase order for a vendor or another plant within your organization. What do you call a puchase order sent to another plant?
a.       Purchase Requisition.
b.      Accounting Document.
c.       Stock Transport Order.
d.      Production Order.

10.     When you enter invoice with reference to a purchase order, the system suggests data from the puschase order and the goods receipts.
a.       True.
b.      False.

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