SAP01: Fundamentals - Unit 04: Logistics (b)

Friday, May 3, 2013


1.         A shipping point is a location within a warehouse or plant weher employees process deliveries.
a.       True.
b.      False.

2.         What three organizational elements form a Sales Area?
a.       Distribution Channel.
b.      Shipping Point.
c.       Division.
d.      Sales Organization.
e.      Plant.

3.         Customer master record are not stored centrally. When you have a new customer, you need to create a customer master Account Receivable in Financial Accounting and one for Sales Order Processing in Sales and Distribution.
a.       True.
b.      False.

4.         The customer master record consists of what three specific areas of data?
a.       Purchasing.
b.      Sales.
c.       General.
d.      Accounting.
e.      Production.

5.         Sales and Distribution integrates with the following modules.
a.       Materials Management.
b.      Financial Accounting.
c.       Production.
d.      Project Systems.
e.      All of the above.

6.         Which of the following is the correct sales and distribution process?
a.       Picking, Sales order, Goods Issue, Billing, Delivery.
b.      Sales order, Picking, Goods Issue, Billing, Delivery.
c.       Sales order, Delivery, Picking, Goods Issue, Billing.
d.      Goods Issue, Picking, Sales order, Delivery, Billing.
e.      None of the above.

7.         What three activitics can he done with a delivery document?
a.       Picking.
b.      Debit Memo.
c.       Packing.
d.      Credit Memo.
e.      Good Issue.

8.         When you do a Post Goods Issue on a delivery document, and accounting document is created in Financial Accounting.
a.       True.
b.      False.

9.         A billing document can be created from what two different type of document?
a.       Inquiry.
b.      Sales Order.
c.       Quotation.
d.      Rebate List.
e.      Delivery.
f.        Both B and E.

10.     Document flow only shows the status of the order document.
a.       True.
b.      False.

11.     During the creation of the billing document, an accounting document is created in Financial Accounting, thus creating an accounts receivable.
a.       True.
b.      False.

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