SAP01: Fundamentals - Unit 06: Human Capital Management

Sunday, June 23, 2013

1.    The SAP Human Resources processes include:
a.    Recruitment
b.    Hiring
c.    Personnel Cost Planning
d.    Payroll Administration
e.    All of the above

2.    The SAP HR Organizational Plan typically represents an organization.
a.    ProceduralModel
b.    Department Structure
c.    Authorization Structure
d.    Cost Center Allocation

3.    A company’s organizational plan may consist of all of the following SAP objects, except:
a.    Position
b.    Organizational Unit
c.    Controlling Area
d.    Person

4.    Which of the following are SAP HR Recruitment functions?
a.    Entry and maintenance of applicant data
b.    Comparison of position requirements to applicants qualifications
c.    Correspondence - via standard, modifiable SAP documents
d.    All of the above

5.    What are the pages of the personnel file that make up an employee’s Master Data record, that are created via a personnel action are called?
a.    Actions
b.    Data fields
c.    Infotypes
d.    None of the above

6.    Which of the following methods are used by the SAP Time Management system for recording employees’ absences and attendances?
a.    SAP HR system entry by time administrators
b.    SAP Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
c.    Employee Self-Service (ESS) applications
d.    Via customer systems with an interface to the SAP system
e.    All of the above

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